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GRI Rate increase letter

Date: 8.16.17

From: Michael Ravallo – President


     The rising costs to operate as a motor carrier continue to challenge us each year. Diligent management and an exceptional focus on our costs has allowed Pinnacle Freight Systems to hold the line on its non-contractual rates since our inception in 2011.  Unfortunately, over the past two years Pinnacle has seen its insurance premiums increase each year by 40% despite significant investments in safety and safety related technologies. The trucking industry is seeing unprecedented insurance premiums and some carriers have been forced to exit the industry altogether.  Although rate increases are never welcomed, they are necessary for Pinnacle to continue to operate profitably to serve you. To that end, Pinnacle Freight is announcing that effective September 15, 2019, there will be a general rate increase (GRI) averaging 6.0 percent on non-contractual base rates for shipments in the United States and to served locations in Canada.  This general rate increase is necessary to offset the economic impact of inflationary costs across the transportation industry and to support continued on-going improvements to our service. Pinnacle Freight will continue to invest in key areas to enhance capacity and service, including driver recruitment and training, new equipment, and new technology.

Questions about our services or rate change? Please contact your Pinnacle Freight account executive.

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